What We Are Doing

Foster care is a multi-faceted issue. Here are a few of the ways we are helping.

Our fundraising volunteers are our backbone. By hosting informational and donation tables, they effectively communicate with the public about the foster care system’s needs, and how we as a community are able to make a positive impact by raising awareness, making donations, and increasing involvement. It is primarily their diligent work that allows us the ability to help and support in so many important ways!

It is our belief that, regardless of circumstance, children are entitled to love, fun, laughter, and a comfortable life. These children deserve to have a voice and be regarded as valuable human beings, and not just get caught up in the red tape, or even get lost in the system. To make that happen, we host events and activities, as well as collect supplies, clothing and personal items for any child in foster care. We figure that, at the very least, we can take a group out for a day of fun activities and food, or give them some cool new kicks or threads to rock at school. We want them to be happy and feel good about themselves, the way they should and deserve to. We are fully aware that the state does not necessarily provide funding to make that happen. It is not all just fun and games, however; we are planning long term as well. In conjunction with the previously mentioned efforts, we hope to provide educational support in the way of activities, lectures, workshops, etc. For those aging out of the system and interested in furthering their education, we will also award a minimum of one $10,000 scholarship in 2017 in honor of Rob McRae, a dear friend who lived a life powered by optimism and love, and who grew up in and out of foster care.

How You Can Be A Part

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