Foster Hope Foundation: Who We Are

Foster Hope Foundation – Founded in 2016

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, charity founder Justin Hack reset his sights and in 2012 dedicated himself to non-profit work. The scope of causes he has supported spans a wide range: From reducing animal euthanasia and making toy baskets for children with cancer, to sponsoring events for children with special needs, Justin’s humanitarian work is far-reaching. After spending time in the non-profit world, the gross under-funding of and overall lack of support for Arizona’s foster care system became glaringly apparent, and ultimately Justin’s fundraising and sales career blended with his passion for helping others, harmoniously resulting in The Foster Hope Foundation.

Our Mission
To inspire a brighter tomorrow for Arizona’s foster children.

Our Vision
To provide foster children with all of the happiness, well-being, and opportunities they deserve.

The Office

Justin Hack


As cliché as it may sound, nothing brings me as much joy as doing nice things for others. I know, I know, who would have guessed that a charity founder would lead with that one, right? But it’s the truth. I have a special soft spot for taking care of others, and as most things are, that is a result of my childhood.

Shannon Wedepohl


Kids motivate me to be a better person. They are sponges and they take in everything around them and if I can be that person, that role model that they look up to, that’s awesome and it’s really rewarding to see their growth. Hence my passion for what we’re doing now.

Brittany Scott-Membrila

Assistant Director

I love helping people, and am incredibly compelled by stories- the intricate journeys of individuals and the growth that happens along the way. My dad jokes with me and will say things like “Okay, well go have fun saving the world”. There are infinite opportunities to do so in our world, but this is where I am now and how I can make a difference today and I love it.

Jessica Diaz

Marketing Director

Jessica Diaz is a Community Relations entrepreneur who firmly believes in the power of strong, independent, hard-working individuals. She is the mother of a 9-year-old burn victim survivor, a coach, and a charitable trailblazer. She has an unquenchable desire to impact the world around her with poise, grace, and kindness.