Foster Hope Foundation: Who We Are

Foster Hope Foundation Founded 2016

After a successful career as an entrepreneur, charity founder Justin Hack reset his sights and in 2012 dedicated himself to non-profit work. The scope of causes he has supported spans a wide range: From reducing animal euthanasia and making toy baskets for children with cancer, to sponsoring events for children with special needs, Justin’s humanitarian work is far-reaching. After spending time in the non-profit world, the gross under-funding of and overall lack of support for Arizona’s foster care system became glaringly apparent, and ultimately Justin’s fundraising and sales career blended with his passion for helping others, harmoniously resulting in Foster Hope Foundation 501(c)(3) (EIN 81-1021773).

Our Mission
To inspire a brighter tomorrow for Arizona’s foster children.

Our Vision
To provide foster children with all of the happiness, well-being, and opportunities they deserve.