Our fundraisers are the BOMB.
(Metaphorically of course)
We are fortunate to work with all sorts of truly amazing people, but we owe EVERYTHING to our fundraisers
 These people are animals!  Most already work a regular 9-5 and have families to take care of at home and then they sacrifice their spare time in the name of helping kids.  We have no shame and happily brag about what incredible people represent us out in the community.
 Once a month we pick someone to highlight (which is SO hard-there are definitely not enough months in the year!).
Check out our amazing folks!

Fundraiser of the Month

George Sweet
January 2018
George Sweet joined Foster Hope with a (nearly audible) BANG! When you meet George you know he’s a natural born leader, and it’s easy to see why people are so receptive to his “gentle-giant” manner. In his first weekend he blew away our highest donation records and has continued to be a record setter ever since-in turn allowing us to expand our sights and help even more kiddos. He has been an excellent team player, offering help to everyone who asks him by providing his insight and advice and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board!
Michelle Willoughby
December 2017
Michelle has spent the past 7 years (at LEAST) fundraising for various charitable causes, generally revolving around helping children or animals. She is absolutely what you would call a “giver”, and sports one of the biggest hearts and most humble attitudes of anyone around (we think she apprenticed with the benevolent and revered MT-there’s no solid proof BUT the signs point to “yes”). Her modesty becomes evident at our weekly check ins, when her consistently impressive donations are always met with her own criticism and insistence that she should do better (WE insist she’s doing amazing of course, but a perfectionist is a perfectionist). Michelle is the type that could solve world hunger AND figure out world peace and turn around to insist she hasn’t done a good enough job. In our humble opinions there aren’t enough people in the world like our beloved Miss Michelle (if there were, the great doers of the world would have shifted focus from peace and hunger to solving the mystery of D.B. Cooper’s lost fortune or maybe the Bermuda Triangle) and we are SO grateful to have her on our team, and more importantly as part of our family!
Vanessa Williams
November 2017
Anyone who has met Vanessa is familiar with the positive, bubbly energy she brings to a room-which is probably why she does so well fundraising for our kiddos! Vanessa likes to put her own cheerful spin on things. This applies across the board from her bright personality and fun self-expression (whether that’s some funky holiday earrings, or colorful eyeshadow) right down to the details of her fundraising table- which is notoriously festive and fun. What we’re trying to say is Vanessa goes all out- getting her own locations, dressing her table up for every occasion, and most importantly her vibrant personality. We’re lucky to have her with us and we’re overjoyed to announce her as our Fundraiser of the Month for November!
Zack Cavin
October 2017
Zack came to us as a recommendation from another (phenomenal) fundraiser, so of course we brought him in and welcomed him to the team. (We’re fortunate to work with some outstanding folks, and friends of theirs are friends of ours). It’s only been a couple months, but Zack quickly earned himself a spot in the family. Fundraising is the gig of course and Zack has always done well with that aspect (he’s easily a very likeable dude- super nice and always has some entertaining story about his kiddos). Right off the bat he inquired about more ways to help and set himself apart with his eagerness to contribute more. He’s donated numerous hours of his graphic design skills to help us improve different marketing materials of his own volition. Foster Hope has evolved immensely in the brief year we’ve been around, and it’s a direct result of the collaborative effort of our family (people like Zack!) and the extra elbow grease and ingenuity they offer.
Jason Bonner
September 2017
One of the best things about Jason is his easygoing amiable personality. You can always count on him to come into the office after a weekend of kicking butt with his ego in check and his good mood hat on. He’s got that laid back, no frills way about him where he does what he needs to do (exceptionally well might I add) and doesn’t make a fuss about anything one way or another. Conversations with him are engaging and funny; overall, he’s a seriously like-able dude and we imagine that’s why the community responds so well to him out in the field!
Malik Williams
August 2017
Malik has been an absolute rock star since he joined our team! He consistently brings in the highest donations and has a positive personality (and amazing smile!) that's famous throughout our company. He's our own sort of Foster Hope legend and we are overjoyed to name him as our Volunteer of the Month!
Jackie Barker
July 2017
Since joining our team in April, Jackie has been absolutely invaluable- relentlessly working for the kids and collecting BIG donations to make a BIG difference. If her dedication to fund raising for the kids wasn't enough, then the impressive initiative she's shown to expand our table program definitely puts her over the top.