Our Mission

Listen to the children, invest in their dreams.

We believe that love makes a family, and that family does not have to be blood. Foster Hope Foundation was created to address the under-funding of the foster care system and the deficit it makes in the lives of children affected by transitory home life situations. We want to give these children a voice, opportunities to be successful, and inspiration to achieve by promoting higher education through scholarships, hosting fun events, and providing the necessary items for comfort and confidence. We aspire every day to make a meaningful impact on our future generations. This is not just our goal; it is our purpose.


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Scholarship & Events
What We Do

Scholarship & Events

Our goal is to promote higher education through scholarships, host fun events, and provide the necessary items for comfort and confidence. Take a look at our projects and plans for making an impact.

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Foster Stats & Info
Why We Do It

Foster Stats & Info

Want more information about the foster care system? See facts and stats about the current state of foster care in Arizona and gain a deeper understanding of how it affects children's well being.

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How You Can Help

Volunteer • Donate

Ready to help make a change in a child's life? There are many ways that you can make a significant difference and help affect the change that is so desperately needed.

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Featured Projects

Renaissance Festival

Journey back with us to Medieval times when chivalrous knights fought for fair maidens’ honor, dragons terrorized villages, and magic and fantasy tingled in the air.


Help foster children in the Valley with your monetary donation. Your generosity is genuinely valued, THANK YOU.

How We Are Helping

Foster care is a multi-faceted issue.
Here are a few of the ways we are helping.


We are proud to offer $10,000 in laptops to high school seniors!

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We host several fun events to raise awareness and provide opportunities for growth and interaction.

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Take a peak at we're working on! In addition to the scholarships, we have many other tasks we are hoping to achieve.

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Where Your Donations Go

Thank you for giving a helping hand to those who need it.
Your generous donations make all our efforts possible.
  • Scholarships 44%
  • Fundraising 32%
  • Events 16%
  • Wish List 8%

How You Can Be A Part

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