How You Can Help

A little helps a lot and everything is appreciated. See the many things you can do that will make a difference.

We have an amazing vision with the ability to not only provide fun experiences and every day necessities, but opportunities for education and successful futures. The last piece of the puzzle is SUPPORT. These are kids right here in our community with dreams of their own. They are our future politicians, doctors, teachers, grocery clerks, and bus drivers but more than anything HUMAN. Each and every one is human, regardless of their age or family situation, and they deserve every opportunity for a happy and successful life. We are so excited to provide life-changing opportunities for these kids, and all we need is your enthusiasm, support, and belief in our cause.

A little helps a lot, and any way you could help move our message, whether by spreading the word, any donation (be it monetary, clothing, supplies, toys etc.), or even partnering up with us for an informational donation table – anything is helpful and everything is appreciated. If you require additional information or have any inquiries about our organization and our efforts, please contact us at your convenience.

Ways That You Can Help

Renaissance Festival

Journey back with us to Medieval times when chivalrous knights fought for fair maidens’ honor, dragons terrorized villages, and magic and fantasy tingled in the air.


Help foster children in the Valley with your monetary donation. Your generosity is genuinely valued, THANK YOU.