Foster Hope Foundation Scholarship

By providing laptops we permit access to technology that opens the door for limitless learning opportunities that were previously unavailable!

Every year, hundreds of students will enroll in college with little or no support.  In our first year, Foster Hope Foundation will provide $10,000 worth of laptops to help make the transition for foster kids into college a little easier. We want these children to be computer savvy, have equal access to technology, and be privy to the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that something as simple as a lap top can provide.


We offer this scholarship in honor of our dear friend Rob who was in foster care most of his life, and emulated love, positivity and happiness. He was a close friend who passed away too soon due to a tragic accident, but had an incredibly positive impact on everyone’s life he came into contact with.  He was constantly smiling and happy, and just had a beautiful, optimistic, positive view of life.

I am a fan of friendships, believing in something bigger than yourself and making sure everyone smiles within a few minutes of meeting me.

~ Rob

Apply For The Scholarship

How To Apply

Write an essay between 500 and 1500 words on how being in the foster care system has impacted your life and how you plan on utilizing those experiences to help the community and better yourself.


– Must have been in foster care for two years or more (at any point)
– Must be a senior in HS while applying or recently aged out of foster care/group homes
– Enrolled to pursue educational ventures (applicable for trade schools, university etc.)
– FAFSA not required
– Min. GPA 2.5
– Awarded early 2018